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Soutien aux populations vulnérables

grâce à l’éducation et l’agriculture

Helping vulnerable people

through education and agriculture

TER MADA is active in the territory of Madagascar, especially for the 104 children of the PAULINS orphanage in Antananarivo along with the local communities of the Itasy district.

By first improving the orphanage garden output and then by building the educational farm in Ambatomirahavavy, the vocation of this projet is to sustain development of local people through education and agriculture in a way that respects endogenous species and agro-ecological principles.


The first goal is to support the orphanage canteen by improving the daily diet of the 104 children in order for them to study well, grow up well and have a better future.


Education, Development & Plus (ED+) aims at supporting vulnerable people in fighting undernutrition through education and agriculture.

Ethical holidays, donations in kind or in cash, agricultural trainings, corporate philanthropy


PWC Foundation laureate 2016 & 2018


Madagascar is a country at the heart of ED+’s actions

Madagascar is experiencing a situation of great structural poverty that has been worsening with the negative impact of the global financial crisis and the stagnation of the political crisis in the country since 2009.


Malnutrition and school failure

In developing countries, over 30% of children - about 600 million - live on less than a dollar a day. Every 3,6 seconds someone dies of hunger. This is usually a child under 5.


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Without your help, ED+ cannot promote local development and eradicate undernutrition. Won’t you help us supporting our in situ actions?

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