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Malnutrition and school failure

Source Unicef

In developing countries, over 30% of children - about 600 million - live on less than a dollar a day. Every 3,6 seconds someone dies of hunger. This is usually a child under 5.


It is the children who suffer the most from poverty. If a severe lack of goods and services affects every human being, it jeopardizes above all the rights of children to survival, health and nutrition, education, participation, and protection against abuse and exploitation. Poverty creates conditions that impede the development of the child from every point of view. - Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual (...) For a child, it is essential to get a good start in life at a very young age, not only to survive but to develop physically, intellectually and emotionally. Deprivation prevent children from achieving the full measure of their potential, and reinforce the endless cycle of poverty and hunger in a society.


It is by respecting the rights of children that we can break this cycle.


Basic education, health care, nutrition and protection are producing results whose impact far exceeds the reasonable cost of such interventions. For children, the chances to survive and to have a positive future are increased tenfold - such as creating a truly fair and peaceful global society.

(Source: UNICEF)


ED+’s intention is to give a better chance of success to vulnerable children, in particular the 104 Paulins, by improving their daily food intake. The orphanage's garden is currently under exploited. One of our primary objectives is the development of this garden in order to empower the children through agricultural practices.  The garden shall support both this learning practice and food diversification goal.

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