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ED+ is proud to ensure that 100% the contributions directly go to the beneficiaries. ED+ runs on the basis of a network of passionate volunteers who secure the implementation of the program and ensure the immediate benefit to vulnerable populations.


In addition, there is no small donation to ED+. With a donation of only 60 euros, you cover a one-month salary of a farmer or healthy snacks for 100 children during one month.

There are several ways to help vulnerable populations and contribute to the work we do on the field. ED+’s aim is to propose a sustainable and self-financing business model benefiting to vulnerable people.

Financial donations

Your financial contributions are crucial. They immediately contribute to helping vulnerable people and local communities through education and education resources.

Donations in kind

Choose how you want your gift to be used and directly contribute to supplying materials, tools (wood units, bricks, farming tools, solar panels, solar lamps, water pumps, filters, benches, etc.) animals (zebus, goats, chickens, etc.) or vegetable (plants, seeds, trees, hedges, etc.)

Corporate philantropy

Are you a company or school involved in agricultural, innovation, sustainability or food hygiene? The skills of your employees and students are important to us! You can motivate your employees or students by offering fair holidays/trainings where they immediately contribute to the development of populations in need!

Fair tourism

The educational farm of Ambatomirahavavy welcomes classes on a fieldtrip, farmers eager to improve their techniques and production, vulnerable people who wish to reintegrate both socially and professionally; finally, it is opened to visitors wishing to spend an ethical holiday, based on a respectful and fair trade with local communities.

Ethical gifts

Do you want to make a unique and ethical gift? Yes, do support the work of skilled craftsmen and get high-quality pieces of work!  contact us !

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