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Madagascar is a country at the heart of ED+’s actions

Source Action contre la Faim

Madagascar is experiencing a situation of great structural poverty that has been worsening with the negative impact of the global financial crisis and the stagnation of the political crisis in the country since 2009.

Between 2005 and 2010, the proportion of Malagasy living below the poverty line increased from 69% to 77% - with a poverty line of less than 0.5 euro per day per person in 2010 and is observed for several years a deterioration of social indicators, a combination of factors unfavorable to the development of human capital and growing inequality.

Malnutrition and school failure

Source Unicef

In developing countries, over 30% of children - about 600 million - live on less than a dollar a day. Every 3,6 seconds someone dies of hunger. This is usually a child under 5.

It is the children who suffer the most from poverty. If a severe lack of goods and services affects every human being, it jeopardizes above all the rights of children to survival, health and nutrition, education, participation, and protection against abuse and exploitation.

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