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The point of honor of ED+ is to guarantee the granting of donations to the beneficiaries directly. ED+ works on the basis of a network of committed volunteers who secure  the implementation of the program and ensure immediate benefit to vulnerable populations.


Also, there is no small donation for ED+. With a donation of 60 euros, you finance a month's salary for a farmer or a snack for 100 children for a month.

There are several ways to help vulnerable populations to contribute to the actions we carry out on the ground.

The objective of ED+ is to offer a model of sustainable development and self-financing at the service of local populations.

Financial support

Your financial donations are essential to us. They allow us to support vulnerable populations in local communities by producing food and educational resources.

Donation in kind

You can contribute materials and tools (wooden units, bricks, agricultural tools, solar panels, solar lamps, water pumps, filters, benches etc…),  animals (zebus, goats, chickens etc…) or to plants (seeds, trees, hedges etc…).

Skills sponsorship

Are you a company or a school involved in agricultural innovation, sustainable development or even food hygiene ? The skills of your employees are precious to us ! You can thus motivate your employees by offering them solidarity holidays oriented towards the development of populations in need !

Fair tourism

The ferme d'Ambatomirahavavy welcomes discovery classes, farmers wishing to improve their production, vulnerable people who wish to reintegrate permanently and the_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_visitors   wishing to spend solidarity holidays, based on a respectful and fair exchange with the local populations.

Solidarity gifts

Do you want to make a unique and ethical gift ? Support the work of a unique craftsmanship of very high quality andcontact us !

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