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Behind ED+, who is there? 

Mr. Andriamisa Ravelomanana


Co-founder of ED+, Mr. Ami is the brain of the project. Very invested in his country Madagascar, he does everything in his power to improve the daily life of his community.


• Graduate of Higher Studies in Advanced Accounting Sciences (DESCA) and holder of a diploma in accounting and financial expertise from Madagascar


•Partner of PwC Madagascar


•Expert in legal, tax and financial issues for companies, he is in charge of supporting national and international investors in their implementation or investment projects in Madagascar, and more broadly, throughout the Indian Ocean region.


•A model of rigor and ethics


•Local project leader, personally involved in carrying out the project in order to make the land available to ED+.


•51 years old


•Father of 3 boys, two of whom study in France


•Determined to contribute to the development of his country

Ms. Murielle Baugniet


Co-founder of ED+, resolutely oriented towards supporting the most vulnerable through education. For her, only the sky is the limit. With little, we can do so much!

•Has a double degree in law (Luxembourg Bar) and teacher


•Worked for a dozen years in a business firm at an international level. At the same time, Murielle has always been involved in pro bono missions in support of human rights and has intervened in particular in post-conflict regions in Africa with Avocats sans Frontières.


•Since 2015, Murielle has been dedicated to promoting the development of human rights through education


•Mother of two boys, they are her faithful partners and are the 1st promoters of ED+.


•Resolutely oriented towards education in the service of human rights

Mrs. Nadia Macer Chorfi


Co-founder of ED+, a heart overflowing with generosity and such professionalism in everything she does make Nadia a key person who sows happiness.

• Graduated in master accounting control audit 


•Mum of a 7 year old girl


•Lived and worked 4 years in Madagascar


•Accounting and financial manager for large international groups


• Resolutely oriented towards helping others and sharing


• Yoga, well-being, solidarity, generosity, his friends are his resources

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