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TER Mada- Education and nutrition for a better environment and society

ED+ carries out international development projects for humanitarian purposes benefiting to vulnerable populations. ED+ envisions a world where undernutrition and malnutrition could be eradicated through education and agricultural awareness. To this end, we support local communities.

ED+'s first scale project is named TER MADA .


TER MADA is active in the territory of Madagascar, especially for the 104 children of the PAULINS orphanage in Antananarivo along with the local communities of the Itasy district.

From the garden of the orphanage to an educational farm, ED+ believes that agricultural education can act for a sustainable development of individuals and societies: eat well, study well and grow up well to become responsible and autonomous citizens respectful of their environment.

Our actions:

Distribution of healthy snacks for the 104 Paulins

Balanced healthy snacks were distributed to the 104 Paulins on January 23rd and April 30th, 2016. With the development of the garden of the orphanage and the first products harvested on the educational farm, healthy products will be integrated into the daily diet of the children.

A container of school supplies sent from Europe

A first container filled with school materials and equipment for the children was sent over to the Paulins orphanage. The container safely reached the coast of Tamatave in May 2016. Special thanks to the generous donors and AGS Madagascar for its support in logistics.

Land for the future education farm

Land was made available to ED+ in order to set up the educational farm. These lands are located in the heart of the Itasy district, in Ambatomirahavavy, about 20km away from Tananarive. This field will host the educational farm where ED+ will develop its flagship actions: agriculture and environment awareness of through educational activities. Children from schools and orphanages will be most welcome, companies will have the opportunity to bring their employees and families will be able to get involved. The “people’s university” will be at the heart of ED+’s actions so that farmers will be able to enhance their current practice and improve their techniques. Finally, ethical holidays will be offered to those willing to spend different and ethical holidays.

This field is definitely the cradle of ED+’s project to support vulnerable populations through equipped facilities, experimental fields and fun learning practice.

Education farm plans

Mrs. Maïlys BOUTAN is a fully qualified architect who specialised in rural architecture. She is responsible for designing the plans of the farm. With a creative mind, she is happy to suggest ambitious ideas in partnership with local experts so as to integrate Malagasy agricultural traditions and climatic and environmental features.

Development of the garden of the orphanage

The garden of the Paulins orphanage is currently under-exploited. ED+ envisages to hire an environmentalist to improve the garden output and develop the children awareness on nutrition. The idea is to initiate fun workshops aiming at gradually sensitizing the children to the importance of the land. Thus, this garden will be an opportunity for the children to implement what they have learned during outings at the educational farm. They will receive plants and seeds, cultivate, harvest and finally, consume the fruits and vegetables.

Accommodation and fair tourism

The educational farm of Ambatomirahavavy will have equipped facilities, with running water and electricity. The facilities will be used by the children visiting the farm, the farmers attending training lessons to improve their techniques and finally by anyone wishing to travel differently. Again, the goal of ED+ is to promote local culture, rural life and enhance and develop Malagasy life conditions. These various activities shall ensure additional income to the educational farm.

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